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JustB Professional Products

The FASTFOILS™ advantage

Average processing time is 25% faster vs. regular foils

How?  The black coating on FASTFOILS™ enables superior heat transfer and distribution vs. regular foils.

Avoids hair damage

As a colorist, FASTFOILS™ enable you to use a lower developer while processing the hair in the same amount of time vs. using a higher, more damaging developer. You won't see any bleeding or swelling and FASTFOILS™ are even easier to remove from hair vs. regular foils. 

Faster processing means more revenue opportunity, and shorter stays at the salon for your clients.

The time you save using FASTFOILS™ can help you increase sales.  If you booked just 1 more client per day, you could increase annual revenue by $48,000! 

Introducing, the unicorn palette