We revolutionize the art of hair coloring with our high-performance endothermic foils

Our education programs dive into the dynamic portfolio of FASTFOILS™ that is designed for 25% more efficiency in lift and deposit of hair color because, why settle for anything less than exceptional?

FASTFOILS Education is not just about products—it's about efficiency in placement and patterns, getting more revenue and taking back your freedom.

Our education programs cover efficiency with foil placement, business development, and more.

    • Your choice of lightener with no more than 20 vol
    • Apply foils black side facing out, applying lightener to hair on the silver side
    • Introduce a warm environment
    • Check progress after 5 and 10 min. until desired level
    • Let foils return to room temperature before rinsing
    • Speed up processing time by 25% 
    • Protect the integrity of the hair
    • Achieve higher levels of lift safely
    • Hairstylist can see more clients in the same working hours
    • Generate more revenue and freedom
    • Provide a more premium service to clients
    • Premium aluminum foil for extra strength, tear prevention
    • Non-slip, non-bleeding
    • Enhanced color deposit
    • Ergonomic pre-cut box design for easy dispensing
    • Includes QR code for foil pattern education
    • Ecologically designed without tissue paper
    • Recyclable packaging with multilingual and measurement information
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Our Lead Educators

Our education programs are led by Ben Barkworth, founder of FASTFOILS, J Ladner, Director of Education and George Alderete, Events and Education Advisor. Supported by a team of ambassadors and educators!

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  • Discover innovative techniques and applications of our endothermic foils that will elevate your artistry and efficiency, and learn live from industry experts techniques that will help you maximize profit and freedom behind the chair.

  • Monthly virtual classes with guest artists demonstrate the technology behind FASTFOILS, innovative pattern and placement foil installation techniques, and many ways to be more efficient behind the chair and generate more revenue.

  • Join the driving force behind the wave of cross-brand collaboration led by a dynamic group of educators representing a multitude of color companies and participate at one of our private classes at the next tradeshow near you. Most Recently: America’s Beauty Show 2024. More Coming Soon.

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