About JUSTB Professional Products


JUSTB Professional Products is an extension of JUSTB Salon based in Toronto Ontario. JUSTB Professional Products INC. develops and manufactures innovative tools for the hair industry that create efficiency for stylists and salon owners. Currently manufacturing FASTFOILS™ and The Unicorn Palette™.

Founder and salon owner Ben Barkworth was frustrated by the endless mess and cluttered workstation when working with multi-dimensional colour and the speed with which certain tasks could be carried out. We all could use more efficiency in our lives, and the salon is no exception! Ben and the team at JUSTB bring their innovative and creative spirit to the salon products world with new product ideas that serve to make the task of running a salon easier and the joy of creativity much easier to bring to life.    

 It all started in 2017 with the creation of the Unicorn Pallete, a simple but super effective solution to a nagging problem - a lack of space at a colorist's work station.  


 In 2018, the concept for FASTFOILS™ was born when Ben was dreaming about how he could make his client's time at the salon more efficient. Afterall, we've all got places to be and things to do! Sitting under a heat hood for ever and ever isn't adding value to anyone's day.  After many sleepless nights, FASTFOILS™ were conceived and are finally available to order now.


What salon solution will the team at JUSTB come up with next? We'll be sure to keep you in the loop.

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about  we are and why we are so excited to help make your job as a professional salon artist more efficient and exciting.