U.S.A. Distributors

FASTFOILS™ are now available at beauty distributors across the USA!
We are proud to partner with the following distributors:


National Salon Resources

States: Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Website: https://www.nationalsalon.com/

Phone: 1(800)-622-0003

Email: customercare@nationalsalon.com


Exclusive Beauty Supplies

States: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana

Website: https://exclusivebeautysupplies.com/

Phone: 1-(954)-321-6800



Masello Salon Services

States: Vermont, Maine, NH, Mass, Road Island & CT

Website: https://www.masello.com

Phone: 1(800)-828-0030

Email: info@masello.com


Oobalie Professional Product Distributor

States: California

Website: https://www.oobaliepro.com

Phone: 1(323)-813-7759

Email: contact@oobaliepro.com


Stay tuned for more distribution partners in 2023!