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Pre-cut Box Collection Bundle

Pre-cut Box Collection Bundle

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Lift hair at least 25% faster with the superior heat transfer of our endothermic foils.

Achieve deeper color deposits and higher lifts with low levels of developer and for healthier hair.

3 Pack Bundle Includes: 

  • 1 pack of pre-cut, 5x7 inches (500 sheets/pack)
  • pack of pre-cut, 5x12 inches (500 sheets/pack)
  • pack of pre-cut, 8x10 inches (250 sheets/pack) 

6 Pack Bundle Includes (5% savings):

  • 2 packs of pre-cut, 5x7 inches (500 sheets/pack)
  • 2 packs of pre-cut, 5x12 inches (500 sheets/pack)
  • 2 packs of pre-cut, 8x10 inches (250 sheets/pack) 

18 Pack Bundle Includes (15% savings): 

  • 6 packs of pre-cut, 5x7 inches (500 sheets/pack)
  • 6 packs of pre-cut, 5x12 inches (500 sheets/pack)
  • 6 packs of pre-cut, 8x10 inches (250 sheets/pack) 

FASTFOILS™ Stylist Intro Kit includes all of our foil sizes. Premium coated foil with superior heat transfer that lifts hair to the shade you want at least 25% faster than conventional foils without additional risk to damaging the hair.

We can't wait for you to try them out and experience the difference! 

- Smooth finish with extra grip

- Made from premium grade aluminum foil

- Packaged in ergonomic box for ease of access

- No tissue paper in between foils

- Recyclable packaging

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Care Instructions

Directions for best results:
1: Your choice of lightener with no more than 20 vol.
2: Apply foils black side facing out, applying lightener to hair on the silver side
3: Introduce a warm environment
4: Check progress after 5 and 10 min. until desired level
5: Let foils return to room temperature before rinsing

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