FASTFOILS™ 8 x 10 inches pre-cut foils (medium weight)

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1 pack of pre-cut, 8 x 10 inches foils

(250 sheets/pack)

  • Lift hair at least 25% faster with the superior heat transfer of FASTFOILS™
  • Pre-cut, 8x10 inches for easy application
  • Extra big so you can paint bigger sections at a time
  • Medium weight, extra strong so they do not tear
  • Apply colour to non-coated side
  • Used mainly in the back section for fast application
  • Great for hair painting and balayage

Introducing FASTFOILS™ high performance foil. Premium coated foil with superior heat transfer that lifts hair to the shade you want at least 25% faster than conventional foils without additional risk to damaging the hair.

Our exclusive ultra black coating not only looks awesome, it conducts heat way more efficiently than standard foils allowing you to maximize the number of clients you can service in a day, and keep your clients happy with shorter visit times.  

We can't wait for you to try them out and experience the difference!